Nature Sound of the Month: Holidays and rest days

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge last month. I hope you’ve enjoyed capturing your sounds as much as I’ve enjoyed listening to them. Check out the round-up of sounds from listening to the weather in the previous post today.


Last September, I launched the first theme of Nature Sound of the Month. I wanted to create a challenge that broadened your experience of the outdoors by asking you to listen. Many people have shared their sounds and stories of sounds throughout the year, and I am grateful for those. But it is now time to bid farewell to this challenge. It has run its course and new projects await. So for the last time this year, I am setting a theme to help you listen to the world around you. I hope you have enjoyed the challenge as much as I did.

Theme of the month: Holidays and rest days

School breaks, annual leave, or just a week-end away, August is always a bit different from the rest of the year. There is a lightness to the air and a carefree attitude in people. Even if you are working, holidays are in the air.

This month, take the opportunity to discover new places by going away from home or stepping in a new part of town. What nature sounds can you hear? Is it the crashing of the waves, the crickets in the grass, the birds overhead, or something else entirely?

So this month, wherever you are, I’m asking you to pay attention to the nature sounds of your holidays and rest days.

What is it about?

There are many challenges out there to help you make the most of the outdoors, but more often than not they focus on what you see rather than what you hear. Visuals can certainly be stunning but they are not always present. Close your eyes and the scenery is gone. This is not so with sounds. You cannot close off your ears. You can ignore the sounds but they are here nonetheless and some part of you are registering them. So this challenge focuses on sounds, specifically nature sounds, and asks you to get out there and record them.

How does it work?

On the 1st of every month, I’ll publish a post with a prompt for what to listen to. This prompt is aimed to help you open your ears to nature and is by no means a rule to follow. You can record something else if another sound picks your interest.

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Nature Sound of the Month: January round-up

Last month, the nature sound of the month focused the sounds of parks, from your local park to national parks. Here is what has been shared:

Recorded by Still Walks

Recorded by me

Thanks a lot to everyone who took part and listened last month. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening out for sounds and will join this month. The new theme will be published later today.

Other nature sounds that caught my ear in January:

by Michèle Peron

by CountryHeartField

What have you been listening to this January?