Queer Out Here – Issue 02

Back in February, issue 01 of Queer Out Here came out.
If you have been following this blog for a while, you know what I’m talking about. If not, here’s a very quick recap:

Queer Out Here is an audio zine that explores the outdoors from queer perspectives.

My friend Jonathan and I were frustrated at not being able to find media focusing on queer people’s experiences of the outdoors. So we decided to create our own and launched a call for submissions. To our relief, we were not the only one thinking that way. People sent us their recording and we edited issue 01. It came out in February.

We loved the experience and received a lot of positive feedback about the project. So we decided to go on and launched a call for submissions for a second issue. Slowly but surely we began to receive audio pieces. Until at the end of the summer holidays, the call for submissions closed. We got editing, Skyping a lot, and listening to all the pieces endlessly until we were happy with the final result. Issue 02 came out on the 19th of October.

Come take a reflective journey into the outdoors. Bask in spaces present, remembered and imagined; travel from mountain lakes to holy wells, from canals to backyard ponds; grapple with physical and emotional hardship; take your ears adventuring! (We’ve even got a marriage proposal thrown in for good measure!) The pieces in Queer Out Here Issue 02 include audio postcards, conversations, music, musings, field recording and poetry from queer/LGBTQIA+ folks around the world.

You can listen to the whole of issue 02 on our website, iTunes, or Stitcher.

And of course, feel free to share the issue with your friends and on social media.

Feedback is also more than welcome. You can reach us via e-mail (link on our website), Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud. We also have a newsletter if you want to be kept up to date with our next call for submissions and other news. Subscribe here.


Sound photography – Morning dream

In February of this year, Stuart Fowkes from the website Cities and Memory sent out an open call for sound artists to take part in his latest project. The idea started from a question:

What is the relationship between photography and sound? In today’s visually-dominated culture, how can we use sound to respond to what we see around us?

Stuart first asked for photographs, and received 100 from six continents and more than 30 countries. Those images were then made available for sound artist to create a piece based on one of them.

I responded to the open call and found myself immediately attracted to Mala Foar’s image:

Mala Foar – Sunrise in Toulouse

I found the shot very soothing but also unsettling.
The sunrise, the clouds drifting, and the bird made me pause and relax. But the fact that the photo is upside down brought another dimension to it.

Before working on the track, I spent a lot of time with the image, letting a story unfold in my imagination. I pictured the scene and music, and when I had the track in mind, I began composing. I worked with a lot of field recordings and Roli Lightpad Block to create the feeling the image left with me. When composing, I seldom looked at the photo, relying on my feelings and memories of it to guide the track.

I imagined a gap through time. The bird would be the messenger and anchor, bringing the observer into another era. Beyond the gate, I pictured a palace or a mansion, and people of the past listening to music. Gradually, the sun would rise enough to light up the park, and the spell would be broken with a beat of the bird’s wings. The park was just a park. The magic of dawn replaced by everyday life and the need to leave the bench for work.

Find out more about the Sound Photography project https://citiesandmemory.com/sound-photography/
Find out more about Mala Foar https://mala-foar.weebly.com/

Field recordings from Freesounds.org: