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I’m Allysse, an apprentice storyteller with an itch to explore the outdoors. I am usually found on my bike but I am also known to go wandering on foot. I like to keep a diary when travelling, take too many photos, and record hours of sounds. Those inevitably end up on this blog, forming the bulk of my posts.

I’m a regular contributor to Water Tone Wonderers.

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What’s in the name?

Beste Glatisant is one of the names given to the Questing Beast in the Arthurian legends. It is a hybrid creature, made of different animal parts from lion to serpent. It’s – like me, like everyone – composed of many separate identities that form a whole.

The Questing Beast by Arthur Rackham. From The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, Abridged from Malory’s Morte D’Arthur (Facing p. 220) – 1917

Throughout the legends, several knights undertake a quest to chase it and kill it. I relate to this idea of quest in my microadventures. Through those, I aim to get to know my adoptive country better as well as to invite back the excitement of the unknown in my life. They are a pursuit to keep discovering new horizons and satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

The Questing Beast, although present throughout the legends, still defies explanation. Academics and critics have yet to agree on its role in the Arthurian world. It is shrouded with mystery and remains largely undefined. It simply exists. Sometimes, my microadventures and challenges are just the same – undertaken without a firm explanation and only driven by the fact that I want to do it and can.


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Love the Arthurian reference, Allysse, and all those attached multivalent meanings: it’s followed, of course, but also roams around; it’s elusive but, with the sound of a pack of hounds baying within in, it’s also got something to say. Looking forward to exploring your posts (and thanks for retweeting my piece about journeys)!


    • Thank you.
      I didn’t think about to he sound of the pack of hounds but it’s a nice idea. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts 🙂 I might even be able to stick more Arthurian travels into my wanderings next year. I keep meaning to do it but somehow never quite get to it.
      No problem, I really enjoy your piece 🙂

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