Nature Sound of the Month – Final goodbyes and August round-up


As mentioned last month, August was the last challenge to be issued for Nature Sound of the Month.

A year has gone since the challenge was launched and the first theme was released. It’s been a lot of fun to listen to your sounds and sonic memories, but it is time to end this challenge. New projects are about to be launched and demand too much of my attention. I simply don’t have the time to maintain this challenge running.

With Nature Sound of the Month, I wanted to broaden your experience of the outdoors by asking you to listen. Too many outdoors challenges ask you to focus on what you see rather than what you hear. And while visuals can be stunning they are not always present, nor do they necessarily align with beautiful sounds. When you close your eyes, your perception of a place change. What was the best scenery can turn into nothing much, and vice versa. My quest open ears if not over however. It is simply undergoing a change of format.

I want to thank everyone who shared the challenge along the way and sent contribution, in the forms of recordings or words. It’s been fantastic to discover people’s interpretation of the themes.

I hope you have enjoyed the challenge as much as I did.

But before I close this challenge for good, there is one last round-up to complete. Here it is.

August round-up

Last month, the nature sound of the month focused on the sounds of your holidays and rest days. Here is what has been captured:

Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad (Return Trip)
Recorded by Vince Hancock.

Recorded by Jonathan.

Recorded by me.

What have you been listening to this past August?


6 thoughts on “Nature Sound of the Month – Final goodbyes and August round-up

  1. I did not really have the time to listen to much as I was really busy. Being in a new country with a language I do not understand is an interesting experience. I cannot understand much, so listen mainly to the sonority of the language. The amusing thing is to try to guess what is being said and with time understanding a word here and there. A funny thing happened when I arrived. I was playing music on Spotify and had the adverts. And the exact same ad that I had heard in the UK and couldn’t stand played. I could guess that it was the exact same text, but contrary to the British one, I did not mind the voices. It’s funny how a voice can change the experience one has of a text being said. 😀


    • I can imagine it must be a very different experience to move to a country you can understand the language of and one where you don’t. Will you be learning Swedish?

      A voice definitely change a lot of the experience. I had a similar experience when I turned on Google Maps as a GPS on my phone and the Portuguese voice came up. It was so much more gentle than the British voice.

      I hope you’re settling in alright into your new home 🙂


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