An update on my 2017 goals

Six months have passed since I set myself goals to achieve by the end of the year. A lot has happened in those months and it’s time for an update.

  • Learn European Portuguese

    I have been learning a lot of vocabulary and I am confident enough to handle basic conversations. I understand soap operas when I have Portuguese subtitles on and I can read learners’ books. But I have not practised the language with a tutor or Portuguese person. I want to use a website called iTalki to help me improve but my work hours have made it difficult to arrange any kind of schedule. So instead I have gone on with a pattern of fuelling my vocabulary with a side of listening and reading.

    Lately I have let this goal slide. Other commitments have taken priority over learning Portuguese and I find myself struggling to maintain my daily practice. I am aware that I have overgrown simple vocabulary learning but alternatives are more time-consuming – which doesn’t help me timetable them in a busy schedule.

    But, I have began a new job with more regular hours, and this I hope, will make it easier to make time for iTalki tutors and boost my language skills.

    One thing I have completely given up on are the videos. They took me too much time for not enough return. So only one video was ever produced.

  • Take a photo every day

    At the beginning of the year, I used Splodz very helpful monthly prompts to help me focus and remember to take a photo a day. But I soon gave it up as the habit became more ingrained in me. My eyes automatically catch details and I remember to stop to take them in and capture them. I have gone through days when no photos have been taken, but most days I do and I’m happy with that.

    Follow me on Instagram if you want to see all those (almost) daily shots.

  • Record a sound every day

    This goal has been dropped back in April.
    I started this exercise to push myself to listen and use my recording equipment more. And I do. But recording every day proved too much. Instead of pushing me creatively, the process began to hamper me. I would grudgingly record a sound which resulted into a bad recording. Then I would have to spend hours at my computer to edit what I had captured instead of devoting time to other sound exercises that I found more valuable. At first I pushed through, thinking it was a hump to go over. But the feeling of time lost and wasted never stopped. So I stopped.
    I did not put my recorder and microphones away. Instead I took the time to develop a new sound specific project, one that forces me to listen and record regularly, but also one that is more meaningful and encompassing. But more on in another blog post (coming soon…).

    Follow me on SoundCloud if you never want to miss one of my recordings.

  • Other goals included

    -Setting up a new blog: this is probably not going to happen but I’m fine with it.
    -Sharing the sounds and story from my journey through Spain and Portugal: coming in September and December.
    -Going on a longboard microadventure: this is probably not going to happen.
    -Walking the West Highland Way with Zoe and Jenni: due to work issues, this is not going to happen for me but other plans are afoot.
    -Exploring the areas around my new home: this is well underway.
    Reading a book by a Portuguese author every month: this is going well although my library is running out of Portuguese authors.

Overall I’m happy with how I’m doing with my goals. There is room for improvement but setting myself targets has provided a focus I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Have you set up goals and resolutions for the new year? If yes, how are you doing with them? Are you on track?


14 thoughts on “An update on my 2017 goals

  1. It’s great that you’ve learnt so much over the year so far. And I really applaud you for letting go of the goals that had ceased to be useful and/or served their purpose. Often those “thing a day” challenges are best as a way of establishing a habit or routine, or learning something fast, after which point it’s not necessary to continue at such a rate of production. Thanks for sharing some of your more recent recordings, too!

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    • Thanks 😊
      Letting go of the audio goal really wasn’t difficult. It was becoming so constricting that it was the obvious choice. I’m happy I recorded so much though. As you said, the routine has been learned and I now find it super easy to get my gear ready when there’s something I want to record. I’ve also gone from very unfocused/record everything mode to a much more focused/know what you’re recording mode. Having direction feels very good 😊

      No problem. More to come very soon (if all goes well).


  2. I did not set any goals for myself at the start of year, but I’ve been trying to listen more and look more for what is happening around me. I was commuting on my beautiful campus every day and I surprised myself by being more aware of my surroundings. It helped with my anxiety and calmed me down. Although I did not follow through with 30 days wild as thoroughly as I would have hoped, I still manage to think way more about putting a bit of nature in my life than I used to. πŸ™‚


  3. We always have to adjust as we go. I bit off way more than I could chew with my goals this year. It actually started to affect my health and led to some injuries. So I’ve really had to reassess and prioritize; not an easy task for me, but I’m happy that I’m still making progress.

    It seems like you’re still making lots of progress too! πŸ™‚


    • It’s good you were able to recognise you needed to reassess and prioritize. If your goals begin to affect your health, then it’s really not good.

      It might take you a bit longer to make them come true, but you’ll remain healthy (and better able to achieve your goals). And who knows, there’s always new opportunities around the corner πŸ™‚ Life has a way to make things work out I find.

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      • Sometimes I’m too stubborn for my own good, but you’re 100% correct. I’m all about the grind to achieve my goals, but if all it’s doing is wearing me down, it isn’t really working out.

        Here’s to those new opportunities around the corner.

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