Exploring Somerset – A solstice microadventure

‘Do you want any specific days off in June,’ my manager asked as she prepared to write the team rota.
‘If I could have the 21st and 22nd off it’d be brilliant.’
‘No problem.’ She left the shop floor for the quiet of the stock room, leaving me grinning like an idiot at the idea of having the whole solstice off work.

Planning for what to do was a short affair. I had wanted to cycle south from my front door since moving in, following Sustrans cycle route 3 to Glastonbury. After that, I didn’t know or care very much. There were plenty of options. So on the 21st of June, I packed my panniers, pumped my tyres, and pedalled away from home, my skin lathered with sun cream.

My handlebar bag was full of camera and recording gear and my mind breaming with ideas. I had been wanting to film one of my journeys for a while but I didn’t see the point of filming me. There seem nothing extraordinary or worth recording about me, not on film anyway. So for a long time, I did nothing. It was only when attending the Cycle Touring Festival a month earlier that an idea had began to emerge. I had joined the ‘Filming your trip‘ talk and discovered another way to record cycling journeys. Most videos focus on a person, but Geoff Broadway offered another possibility. His film excerpt was about the place he had visited, not about him. It was a simple idea but one that, for some reason, hadn’t occurred to me. I kept thinking about what I could bring to a cycle touring video and this is my answer:

For photos of the trip, visit my Flickr account.


11 thoughts on “Exploring Somerset – A solstice microadventure

  1. Very nice 🙂 Interesting use of superimposition too. I hope you had that wind behind you – it would be a devil having to cycle against it. Was there any particular reason for not recording the cycling sounds yourself?

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    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.

      Unfortunately that wind was a head wind… It was slow going against it, but luckily it was only a small portion of the day.

      I thought about recording the bicycle sounds too. I actually have a few ideas of how to do it that I want to experiment with. I just didn’t feel like trying it on this trip. I’m not entirely sure why… maybe because I was already experimenting with filming and thought that was enough experimentation for one trip.

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    • It really is, isn’t it? It wasn’t the first time I recorded that sound. And it’s definitely not going to be the last. I love the rhythm and sonority of it. It always captures my imagination 🙂


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