#30DaysWild – Do something wild everyday for a month

If you are reading this blog, you are probably interested in the outdoors. You may even go regularly on trips during your days off, enjoying a full day out and maybe even a night under the stars. But what about your immediate outdoors? What do you know about them?

Can you step outside of your house and name all the green areas? Can you tell me the plants and animals that live along your commute route? Do you make room for nature in your everyday life?

For the last few of years, The Wildlife Trusts have been asking those questions, helping people to bring nature into their everyday life with their #30DaysWild campaign every June.

I first took part two years ago and was surprised to discover how little time I took for nature in my everyday life. I ignored the park between my work and home, I whizzed through London on my bike without ever pausing to observe wildlife around, and I slept with my windows closed to the outside world. Nature was for my days off. I was aware of its presence around me, but it was shadowed by buildings, cars, and masses of people.

I began to read outside and got distracted by insects crawling up my leg. I noticed flowers outside of my office window. I picked up nature books and learned to name trees and animals around me. And after 30 days, my world had been transformed. I was not living in a concrete jungle as I had first thought. I was living surrounded by wildlife. There were squirrels in the tree outside my window, flowers and bees at the train station, and families of water birds on the New River that I came to recognise and care about.

So what are you waiting for, stop reading this post and head over to The Wildlife Trusts website and sign up for #30DaysWild. You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover.


11 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Do something wild everyday for a month

  1. I like your approach to this. It seems like an important way to try to slow down and notice the precious gifts all around us. Thank you for writing this.


    • Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Slowing down is definitely important, and somehow very difficult at times in our modern world. This is a great challenge to bring balance back. Are you taking part?


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