Nature Sound of the Month – April round-up

Last month, the nature sound of the month focused on animal life, asking you to focus your attention to the wildlife around you. Here is what has been captured:

Recorded by Still Walks

Recorded by me

Thanks a lot to everyone who took part. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening out for sounds and will join again this month. The new theme will be published later today.

Other nature sounds that caught my ear in April:
by Colin Hunter

by Memorial Bench

by Reuben Derrick

What have you been listening to this past April?


2 thoughts on “Nature Sound of the Month – April round-up

  1. These are all great recording Allysse. I love the sound of seagulls though i appreciate they are not everyone’s cup of tea. I have never had my sandwiches pinched by them of course that might explain it.
    Its also interesting to hear the different sounds of the deer in the two recordings containing them.

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    • I love seagulls too 🙂
      I understand why people don’t like them but I find them fascinating. It’s probably partly to the fact that I see them everyday, so I actually get to see their varying behaviour throughout the year.

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