Pedalling Portugal – Photo report

In early March 2016, I found myself in a deserted coach station in Spain. At my feet lay my bike, wrapped in industrial size bin bags. Next to it, my four panniers rested in a line ready to be mounted on the racks. And I stood in front of them, the reality of my journey slowly sinking in. Eventually I hooked the panniers to their rightful place. I got on the bike and off I went. This is what I saw.
For 32 weeks, I will post a batch of photos every Monday morning.
Later words and sounds will come. But for now, I’m going to share what I experienced through the photos I took. If you miss a post, go to this page to find all the links.

I left the coast to visit Coimbra where my first Warm Showers host awaited me. I discovered a friend, a quiet city filled with students and green spaces, and surrounded by mountains .


4 thoughts on “Pedalling Portugal – Photo report

  1. In the photo of the city with all its red roofs that concrete block stands out as a big no no! On a more positive note, that Warm Showers community looks like a brilliant thing 🙂


    • Looking at it, it does stand out but I can’t remember really seeing it when I was there. But that could just be a trick of the mind, making me remember the nicer part of that city scape. is a really beautiful network. I’ve met so many amazing people through it. I’m really looking forward to welcoming people now too.

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