Pedalling Portugal – Photo report

In early March 2016, I found myself in a deserted coach station in Spain. At my feet lay my bike, wrapped in industrial size bin bags. Next to it, my four panniers rested in a line ready to be mounted on the racks. And I stood in front of them, the reality of my journey slowly sinking in. Eventually I hooked the panniers to their rightful place. I got on the bike and off I went. This is what I saw.
For 32 weeks, I will post a batch of photos every Monday morning.
Later words and sounds will come. But for now, I’m going to share what I experienced through the photos I took. If you miss a post, go to this page to find all the links.

Last week I mentioned sleeping into a hotel room but that was the exception. Usually my sleeping arrangement where more rudimentary and included no soft bed or walls.


3 thoughts on “Pedalling Portugal – Photo report

  1. So how do you feel about the ban on wild camping in the Trossachs? I have many good memories of camping both officially and unofficially in Ireland and in the Lake District in England but the best occasion was wild sleeping in France when I woke up to find a man hammering a huge metal stake into the ground right next to me for a circus tent. I don’t understand anyone wild camping and leaving litter – the two things don’t go together in my mind but I guess it takes all sorts! Happy camping 🙂


    • I don’t really believe in banning wild camping. It’s technically not legal in England but I’ve done it so many times and it’s never been an issue (even when I’ve been spotted by people).

      That must have been quite something to wake up next to a circus setting up!

      Do you still wild camp/camp on occasions?

      I agree entirely. Wild camping and littering seem incompatible. But then, it seems that a lot of people have no idea that if there weren’t so many people cleaning the streets, the litter wouldn’t go away… Maybe they apply this thinking to the countryside as well.

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      • Ah yes that does seem to be the way people think (or don’t think) i.e. “someone else will pick it up” or “what do we pay our taxes for” etc. etc. It’s ridiculous! I have not camped in any way for a long time now but some say that our place on the coast in Scotland is only one step up from it lol.


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