Nature Sound of the Month: Seasonal change

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge last month. I hope you’ve enjoyed capturing your sounds as much as I’ve enjoyed listening to them. Check out the round-up of backyard sounds here.

Theme of the month: seasonal change

Over in the UK, Autumn has well and truly arrived. The heat is fast disappearing and daylight growing scarce. Trees are preparing for the cold weather by stopping the food supply to their leaves, which turns them shades of brown, orange, and red as they become brittle and fall. Children (and let’s admit it, adults) kick them in the air at the first opportunity or walk purposefully on them, their crunching sound oddly satisfying. Many birds on the contrary are silencing and their delightful songs vanish into memories. Instead other animals take centre stage such as the deers with their guttural rutting call and the clash of their antlers.

But down South other sounds are emerging as Spring comes into full swing. Birds arrive in flocks and their morning chorus will wake you up if you’re not closed up behind walls and isolating windows. Snow melts and fills the streams and river with water, allowing them to roar as you walk past them.

So whatever the season in your corner of the world, nature sounds have been transitioning. Let’s pay attention to this seasonal change in term of sounds this month.

What is it about?

There are many challenges out there to help you make the most of the outdoors, but more often than not they focus on what you see rather than what you hear. Visuals can certainly be stunning but they are not always present. Close your eyes and the scenery is gone. This is not so with sounds. You cannot close off your ears. You can ignore the sounds but they are here nonetheless and some part of you are registering them. So this challenge focuses on sounds, specifically nature sounds, and asks you to get out there and record them.

How does it work?

On the 1st of every month, I’ll publish a post with a prompt for what to listen to. This prompt is aimed to help you open your ears to nature and is by no means a rule to follow. You can record something else if another sound picks your interest.

How do I capture sounds?

You can get all technical and purchase a recorder and microphones for field recording, or you can use your phone. All smartphones have some kind of voice memo app. Use it to record the sounds. There’s also plenty of apps available if you search for ‘recorder’ or ‘voice recorder’.

Where do I post my sounds?

There’s SoundCloud and Dropbox. If you want to add a video or some photos, there’s Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. Or you can (usually) host your recordings on your blog (if you have one).
Note that those websites are only suggestions. There’s plenty more you can use.


  • Wind is your enemy. Even if it’s a light breeze it can ruin your recording. Use your body and the environment as a wind shield.
  • Listen and monitor what you’re recording (if you can). Using a set of earphones (headphones tends to be better) while you’re recording will help you make sure you’re capturing what you want. A microphone doesn’t hear like you do.
  • Record for a couple of minutes. Give yourself time and let the sounds unfold at their own pace.
  • Be still and avoid movements. Your clothes might rub or a rock might fall and make an unwanted addition to the recording.
  • Find more tips here.
  • Post your sounds online or send them over to me. If posting them online, don’t forget to share a link in the comments.
  • Post as many sounds as you like during the month.
  • Interpret the prompt any way you choose. Feel free to add a bit of text to accompany it. Or not.
  • If you choose to make a blog post about your sound/experience of listening, link back to this page so other people can join in the challenge.
  • Most importantly, have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Nature Sound of the Month: Seasonal change

  1. Aha! While I could legitimately present the same recording of rain from the Backyard Sounds theme last month as these days it comes to us in all seasons and their transitions, that would be silly of me.

    Thanks for another theme Allysse – I look forward to listening out and selecting something for you ๐Ÿ™‚


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