Season’s greetings to everyone

It has been difficult this year to get hyped up about Christmas.
Decorations went up but coat and scarves stayed in the cupboard and it just felt like a very long Autumn with increasingly short days. Even yesterday morning, when I cycled into work, the only sign that Christmas was afoot was the lack of traffic on the road.

But as evening drew near, the weather turned colder and my Summer jacket suddenly felt a bit thin against the wind. I pedalled hard, trying to warm up when I spotted a group gathering around a violinist, a guitarist, and a recorder player in a side street. I turned around, dismounted and found myself in a street choir about to sing.

I eagerly joined in, pulled my phone out of my pocket and for the next hour I sang and recorded the performance as we moved from door to door. Here’s the end:

Merry Christmas to all that partake in the tradition, and to everyone else, enjoy the festive mood.


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