Liebster award

A while ago Bright Pigments nominated me for a Liebster award. I was very touched and promised to answer her questions on my blog. But then I got busy and forgot. I remembered, got busy again and forgot again. So before I let myself get carried away once more by the flow of events, I’m making a post about the Liebster award.


The Liebster award is passed on from bloggers to bloggers in recognition of favourite blogs and to help one another discover new reads. Eleven questions are asked and eleven questions are passed on.

Here are my answers to Bright Pigments questions:

  • Your favourite city so far

A while back, I would have whole heartedly replied London but things have began to change a bit. I still love London but it can also get overwhelming. Taking regular trips out of the city has made some of London’s downfalls stand out more. It is noisy, very noisy and it is difficult to escape this. It is also not the friendliest of place. Outside of London, it is easy to strike up a conversation with strangers but in the city, it’s daunting for fear people will not engage.
I haven’t had enough time to explore other cities as much. So for now, London is still a favourite. It is after all also full of parks and canals that are bursting with wildlife, it has the Thames and miles of footpath along it, and plenty of theatres and events for everyone taste.

  • Big city or small town

I used to answer big city but now I’m veering towards small town. I love big city for their variety and energy but I miss having a community around me, people who know and talk to each other. While the anonymity of big cities has been a blessing in the past, I increasingly find it a burden. So small town.

  • How do you spend cold and rainy afternoon

Cold rainy afternoon are often spent at home. I have nothing against going out to explore under the rain, but a grey weather gives me an excuse to catch up on admin tasks at home. So I tend to stay inside and do boring admin. Or I cuddle up with a warm drink and read as a way to avoid boring tasks.

  • Your favourite TV shows

This is a tricky question. I used to watch TV shows all the time. They were an addiction and my introduction to the Internet – my first exploration of the online world was through fanfictions and fandoms. But now I barely watch any TV and what I do watch tend to be documentaries.
So most of my favourite TV shows are old and not on air any longer. French ones include Kaamelott and Hero Corp. English ones include the Pretender and Pushing Daisies. The exception is Detectorists which is still on air.

  • Favourite movie

Tomboy by Céline Sciamma, The Fall by Tarsem Singh, Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro, Love me if you dare by Yann Samuell.
Sorry I couldn’t just pick one.


  • First thought on Monday morning

I’m not going to lie. My job doesn’t get me excited at the beginning of the week so my first thoughts can be very unmotivated. But then I remember I chose this job as a means to an end and remind myself it is temporary while I get ready to cycle in Portugal.

  • Upcoming events/journeys looking forward

It will come as no surprise that the journey I’m looking the most forward to is Pedalling Portugal, a three months trip in Portugal that will begin next March. All the details can be found here.
But before that, I’m (oddly) really looking forward to exploring winter in the UK through microadventures. I’ve missed the one for November for various reasons, but I’m determined not to miss December.

  • Blogs in your reader

I follow blogs that have similar theme than mine – adventures and microadventures, sounds, and photography. I also have a few cooking blog popping in and out of my reader.

  • How do you keep things and memories

I try not to accumulate many things. If it’s not broken, I don’t replace it. And even then, I usually try to fix it first. The only things that get out of hands are books. I have many. Too many. And I can’t seem to stop buying them (on top of borrowing dozens from libraries). When I go on trips, I don’t often buy a souvenir. If I do, it tends to be something practical that I’ll use or wear regularly.
As for memories, I try to engrave them in my brain if they matter a lot. I also take a lot of photos and increasingly record sounds. They help me capture moments in time I can go back to. When on trip, I do try to keep a journal. I don’t usually write long sentences and description but a list of things of what happened, of my reactions and feelings in the moment. And then of course there is this blog. It is many things and one of those is an archive of what I’ve done, a store of memories.


  • Start over and do everything you’d like.

I wouldn’t start over. My life isn’t perfect but I like it. I do have a regret or two, and a lot of things not figured out but everything has led me to where I am today. I wouldn’t want to change that.

  • What is inspiring you

I find inspiration in other people’s work a lot. They make me discover new ways of seeing and doing things and inspire me to play in different ways.
When stuck on something, I find a walk is the best way for me to find inspiration. The repetitive movement of my feet somehow also moves my thoughts around and make clearer what was shrouded.

I’m nominating:

  • Intredip Daily. Wade blogs about living a more intrepid life, sharing tidbits of wisdom as well as his own journeys into a more intrepid and adventurous life.
  • Still Walks. Alastair recounts his walks with words, photos, and field recordings. The walks are broken down in moments posted each day and coming together at the end of the week. But Still Walks is much more than that, it’s also relaxing and beautiful videos that use still photography and field recording to promote health, a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of your surroundings.
  • In Which I. Jonathan post about walking, microadventures, and other bits and bobs. He also hosts a great monthly microadventure challenge, encouraging people to get out of their front doors in any way they choose.

And be sure to check out Bright Pigments. She snaps photos, gorgeous photos.

My questions are:

  • What is inspiring you?
  • Favourite book(s)?
  • How do you keep your memories?
  • Upcoming events/journeys looking forward?
  • Favourite place(s)?
  • Big city or small town?
  • Name an international food dish can’t get enough of?
  • What are you looking forward to when Winter closes in?
  • Describe a skill you would like to learn/are learning?
  • Camping or hotel?
  • What made you start blogging

Guidelines are:

  • Mention the person in your post who nominated you for Liebster Award.
  • Answer the questions he/she asked you.
  • Nominate other great bloggers for Liebster Award.
  • Give your nominees a list of questions they have to answer.

6 thoughts on “Liebster award

  1. Thanks for your wonderful answers- I don’t mind at all, that it took a moment for you to find the time- we all have this episodes where it just takes a little longer and thinks keep slipping from ones mind… I really enjoyed reading this- thanks for taking this award and passing it on 😉


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