Outdoor Bloggers – A walk around Palewell Common and Fields

The days are getting shorter and my outings closer to home, making me pay more attention to nature and wildlife in London rather than trying to escape the tentacles of the city.

So last week-end, having dropped plans for a microadventure, I decided to take a walk close to home. I didn’t want to go to Kew Gardens, or the Thames, or even Richmond Park. They are all great places for a wander but I had walked around them many times for the last few months. It was time I explored somewhere new. I chose Palewell Common and Fields.

Camera strapped along my chest and recorder stuck in my pocket, I went in search of the sights and sounds of autumn last days at a local common. Here is what I’ve found (click on the photos for full sizes):

More photos can be seen on my Flickr account.

This post was prompted by the November theme, ‘Autumn Watch’ of the Outdoor Bloggers.
  The name sound familiar? I went on a walk in the Peak District with a few of them last May. The Outdoor Bloggers directory has grown quite a bit since then. Check it out and be sure to join us.


4 thoughts on “Outdoor Bloggers – A walk around Palewell Common and Fields

  1. I have just taken a very pleasant break from work and transported my self to Palewell Common via your soundscape and photos. It’s funny how the sound of the airplanes help to complete the picture so well – it’s not like you lose out on the other sounds like the birds and the footsteps walking past through the leaves. Very nice, Thank you.

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  2. Hi, I’ve found you through Outdoor Bloggers! Autumn is beautiful isn’t it. I love your idea of using soundscapes in your blogs, it really brings me closer to your experience in the park. So familiar and relaxing.


    • Thank you 🙂
      Autumn is really beautiful. There’s still so many colours. But winter is definitely approaching fast. Many of the trees had lost most of their leaves already.

      Thanks 🙂 I love the capacity for sounds to immerse you in a place more than a photo.


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