Vanguard Way: Audio diary and soundscape

Last Easter I walked most of the Vanguard Way and recounted my experience through the words of Robert Louis Stevenson and my photos.

As promised, I am now posting my audio diary. It comes later than expected as I underestimated the time it would take to edit, and at times I just chose to read, work in the garden or ride my bike instead of staring at a screen of audio waves.

The quality isn’t always the greatest. For a start I forgot to bring my wind shield along, and although it was fine most of the time there are a couple of moments when it would have come in handy. I also didn’t monitor the recordings as I was doing them which means that every now and again I’m too close or too loud for the microphones. And at the beginning I really wasn’t sure what I was doing – which is why I find the first day a bit dull. But overall I’m happy with the result. It was the first time I used my recorder over a long period and through my many (many) mistakes I have learned a lot about how to use it.

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

What I didn’t say in my previous post – but that you can hear in the audio diary – was that I forfeited the walk about 16 miles from the end. My knee was becoming so painful that I chose to abandon the trail and come back to it at a later time. A trip to Profeet and a bank holiday later, I found myself on the Vanguard Way once more for the last section. I had planned to take it easy and meander through the English countryside I had discovered in April, taking in the sights and enjoying the long miles with no other human beings in sight. I was looking forward to hearing the birds, the crunch of my boots on the earth and the rhythm of my walking sticks propelling me forward. But all of this was gone on that last stretch of the way.

It was late May and more people had taken to the outdoors than in early April. I was barely ever alone and the soundtrack of the way became the endless chatter of ramblers and dogs. I didn’t mind so much as it was nice to chat for a while but as I reached the South Downs, no one was interested in talking with me. I was one more anonymous walker in the hundreds of people who had decided to have a day out on the South coast of Britain. So I pushed on. I walked and walked and walked until finally I reached Newhaven.

Although the scenery was outstanding with the dramatic cliffs of the Seven Sisters disappearing behind me, and pebble beaches endlessly stretching on my left, the walk was spoiled. I had left the soft green fields and forest tracks for the tarmac of seaside promenade. I was glad when I finally reached Newhaven in the evening and settled in a pub for a well deserved fish and chips and pint of ale.

This time I didn’t make an audio diary but chose to record the sounds of the countryside around me to create a soundscapes.

From the countryside to the seaside


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