30 Days Wild Challenge


The Wildlife Trusts have launched 30 Days Wild to encourage all of us to make room for nature in our lives this month.

It is fair to say that I spend a lot of time outdoors already, but I will admit of being guilty of spending too much time inside during the week. I work in an office and too often I take the straight route home instead of meandering through my local park and regaining the main road via a river path. So this June, I will try to integrate nature and the outdoors more in my life.

I can’t promise to do something everyday but I will try. The Wildlife Trusts have after all made things easy by publishing this handy list of ideas from which to take inspiration.

Here is what I’m planning to do:

  • Walk barefoot in the wild more often.
  • Admire the setting sun over my corner of London more often.
  • Take the long way home often.
  • Photograph wildlife more.
  • Remember to pay attention to urban wildness.
  • Look up to the sky more often.
  • Nap in the grass.
  • Give my full attention to the birds in the tree outside of my windows for more than a minute.
  • Have lunch in my local park.
  • Walk at night in the Seven Sisters Country Park.
  • In Northern Ireland: wild camp, take a long coastal walk, balance rocks on the beach, swim in the sea.
  • Wear a flower in my hair.
  • Record the sounds of Richmond Park for a day.
  • Visit Kew Gardens.
  • Start planning and digging a pond for my garden.
  • Watch wildlife documentaries again and focus on the nature book on my to-read pile.
  • Dance in a downpour.
  • Write blog posts in my garden not on my sofa.
  • Dangle my feet in rivers and canals.
  • Meditate in a wild place.
  • Inhale a scent.
  • Cuddle trees.
  • Blog about wildlife.

I am expecting to smile and relax more this month, but most of all I hope to remind myself that although I live in a busy city, the wild is never far away. This is a lesson I sadly always forget as I get carried away by the flow of city life. I need to slow down again and pay attention to what’s around me.


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