Experiments in visual storytelling

It has now been five months since I started to take a photo everyday and I have come to feel much more confident with the manual mode of my bridge camera. Though it doesn’t stop me from becoming envious toward DSLR owners every now and again. But I keep reminding myself that the camera does not make the photographer, that the skills come from practice and self-imposed exercises. With this in mind, last week I decided to try visual storytelling to go beyond the simple act of taking a beautiful picture.

I began in the kitchen. It seemed an easy place to start in as there is always a beginning, a middle and an end to a recipe.

I also wanted one example that was not set in the house and the next obvious choice for me was to play around with my bikes, especially my Brompton which lends itself to storytelling very easily in its set up.

I am happy with those first tries but I know I still have a lot to improve on. The lights and colours are not as homogeneous as I would like them to be. I also realised while editing the photos into those panels that I didn’t think enough about angles and how each picture would impact the others in the final result. Those points are definitely something I will be working on next time.

After those experiments, I wanted to be challenged a bit more and gave a shot at single frame storytelling. This is not something that I ever thought much about. I often explore and photograph scenes I stumble upon but I’ve never consciously thought of the story a photo could tell. I have not yet gone out and played with this idea – this will be for another time. For now, I chose something more controlled and staged a scene with some one my toys.

It has been interesting to change my mindset and go beyond the picture I was framing, thinking about what it could tell and what I wanted it to tell. The act of picking up my camera became slightly different, almost akin to the act of opening up new blank page to write on. I felt a new world was unfolding in front of my eyes providing me with new horizons and a rediscovered meaning to photography.


2 thoughts on “Experiments in visual storytelling

  1. I love the idea and maybe you should develop the storytelling with more than 3 pictures.
    About the photo themselves (I’m saying but I’m definitely not a pro) have you thought about using a flash light? And about angles Kevin tells me frequently to watch the lines, you have to keep a horizontal line every time. But I think your photos are fine except perhaps the first one of your bike. The darks are too dark and the white is overexposed… But as I said before, I wouldn’t probably do better…
    I want more!!!! 🙂


    • Telling a full story just with pictures? That’s an interesting idea… I’m not sure I’m quite ready to tackle that yet but I am definitely keeping the idea in mind.

      I haven’t thought a flash light at all… I have grown out of using my flash years ago as I generally find it crap. Maybe I should give it another go in this context. I’ll try and see what happens (but I have to admit I am not expecting anything good to come out of it) 🙂

      I agree for the one with my bike… It’ll be a lesson for next time 🙂


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