An escape from work at lunchtime

Last week Splodz went for a photo walk during her lunchtime and shared the result on her blog. Upon reading it, I felt I had to give this idea a try. A lunchtime microadventure had long been on my list of things to do but somehow I’ve never managed to go anywhere during my free hour.

Up until the end of last March, there was no reasons to get away from my workplace. The staff room was always filled with happy conversations, laughter and the floating aromas of Chinese food, red onions, fries and whatever else we had in our lunch boxes. I was content spending time with my colleagues and friends sharing bits of our lives and relieving the stress from the morning work. This all changed when I was moved to a different library. The staff room became eerily quiet as everyone was buried in their books or cellphone. Speaking felt taboo and after a failed attempt at conversation I too buried myself in books.

I did a lot of reading since the end of March but I never felt satisfied by spending my lunch break this way. I knew there was more to do than read quietly to the sound of crunching crisps and forks hitting plates.

Camera in hand and some change in my pocket, I walked out of the library with a smile on my face last Thursday at noon. I made a quick stop at my local tea shop to collect some food before crossing the road to the park. I intended to eat my sandwich and walk around in search of photographic study but as I sat on the soft grass everything changed.

I laid my head on the ground, my camera resting by my side next to the sandwich. I closed my eyes and forgot about time. The sun was warm on my face and I could hear the laughter of children in the distance. I smiled as I felt the heavy boredom of work being lifted away.

I raised myself as my stomach grumbled and asked for sustenance. I lazily ate my sandwich, watching the puffy clouds disperse slowly in the bright blue sky. I did pick up my camera a few times but the light was harsh and less than perfect for photographs. I knew it would be but had dismissed the thought in fear it would keep me from stepping out.

In the end, I did capture a few details of the park, found unknown areas of it I want to explore more, enjoyed the best lunch I’ve had since March and even treated myself to an ice cream. The long drag until 8 o’clock didn’t feel that bad after such a lunch break.


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