Post number 1, done!

I have been lazy with starting this blog.

I created it in November 2013 and kept delaying its launch. I wanted to read more about blogging, to get my first post right, to wait for my sister to have a design ready. In truth, all of those were excuses to delay starting the blog, wait before going on more microadventures.

It is only today, while talking to a friend, that I realised fully what I had been doing. I had been floating in the comfort of preparation where I could have remained forever. It was time to stop the research, stop the planning. Time to start.

So here I am, writing the first post of this blog. I still have a lot to learn about WordPress, this post is not a marvel of words, the design is far from ready, but I am beginning and it is what matters.

In a few words, the goals of Beste Glatisant are to:

  • Collect my microadventures and other meaningful projects.
  • Have a public platform to hold me accountable to my words.
  • Create an online archive to hold my memories and track my progress through the years.

Let it all begin.


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